Tell your story in WebVR

Axum Graphics is teaming up with Mozilla to host a WebVR Hackathon with one focus: to get storytellers and filmmakers in the same room as developers to make incredible things in WebVR.

It’s a WebVR Hackathon but you don’t need to know code to take part.

Axum Graphics has created Auteurist™, a browser-based cinematic tool for filmmakers that enables you to tell your story in 3D animation and VR even if you’re not a coder. WebVR is a JavaScript API that supports all the major virtual reality devices including the mobile ones. Together, these two technologies are turning your web browser into a virtual reality storytelling platform.

This hackathon is for everyone who wants to tell a story in WebVR no matter their technical experience. If you have a story to tell in VR, you can use Auteurist to tell that story and publish it online,without writing a single line of code. On the other hand, if you are a JavaScript hacker you can integrate your WebVR project with Auteurist and its photorealistic, 360-degree output.

There will be amazing prizes available for the best Auteurist VR movie, Best WebVR Hack, and Best Overall Project. Follow Axum Graphics on Twitter or Facebook to learn what these prizes will be as soon as they are announced!

As well as these prizes on the day, Mozilla are running the Open Innovation WebVR Challenge. Any WebVR project that uses at least one of the Real Time Design Challenge fantasy assets shown on the competition site will be eligible for entry. These assets will also be available on Auteurist for you to use in your projects. Submissions for the Mozilla Open Innovation WebVR Challenge are open through April 2, 2018, and winners will be announced on April 30th, 2018.

Google Cardboard viewers will be provided to test your WebVR projects on your Android phone. Other shared VR headsets will be available for use during the hackathon.

The Hackathon is at Mozilla HQ in San Francisco. The first day of hacking runs from 11am on Saturday 17th March through to 2am on 18th March. The second day of hacking runs from 11am until 1:00pm on Sunday 18th March.  The projects will be presented between 1:30pm and 2:30pm, followed by judging and presentation of the prizes!




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Damon Hernandez

Damon Hernandez
3D Web & Immersive Tech Dev & Designer at Samsung

Igor Boshoer

Igor Boshoer
VFX Tech

Lizz Kupfer

Lizz Kupfer
Animation Tech Lead at Fable Studio

Judging Criteria

  • Judging Process
    Best WebVR Hack: this is the most technically innovative WebVR implementation Best Auteurist VR Movie:Most compelling 360 degree video work created using Auteurist. Best Overall Project:Most exciting project, whether movie, experience, or software.